...For Your Needs.
Capital Markets and Taxation

“We seek to add value and contribute to the profitability of your business.”

• National and local taxation
• Tax & estate planning
• Pension, retirement, and stock option plans
• Investment incentives
• Corporate set-up, restructuring, reorganization, mergers and acquisitions
• Due diligence of business acquisitions and reorganizations
• Project finance and securities
• Compliance management and representation before financial regulatory authorities
• Tax litigation before courts and administrative bodies
• Representation before the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Bureau of Customs
• Representation in intra-corporate and other business disputes

Property, Technology, and Regulation

“We empower you to best do business in the Philippines.”

• Real property and tangible asset protection and development
• Natural resource development and environmental compliance
• Intellectual property and intangible asset protection and development
• Technology transfer arrangements, particularly licensing and franchising
• Compliance management and regulatory representation before administrative agencies such as the Bureau of Food and Drugs, Intellectual Property Office, National Telecommunications Commission, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and Maritime Industry Authority
• Civil, criminal and administrative litigation and remedies
• Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution

Human Resources and Services

“We ensure that your people are productive.”

• Recruitment and training
• Disciplinary action
• Labor claims
• Strike and lockout
• Collective bargaining agreement negotiations
• Petition for certification election
• Unfair labor practice complaint
• Grievance and labor arbitration
• Social Security
• Overseas employment
• Labor aspect of corporate acquisitions and mergers
• Audit of labor contracts
• Immigration matters
• Talent contract negotiation

Government and Development

“We aid in improving public governance and making government more responsive to your business needs”.

• Representation before Congress and local legislative bodies
• Consultancy engagements for legislators and executive officials on matters related to improving governance
• Policy analysis and guidance in the drafting and revision of laws and regulations
• Election disputes and litigation
• Litigation concerning the constitutionality or validity of laws and regulations